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29 weeks

With the return of the new year comes the return of my blogging spree. I always start out strong and then kind of dwindle away and forget about my little space here. But since we are only 10 weeks away from meeting our newest little one, I decided I kind of had a lot to say. Not only that, but I am doing some serious projecting for the nursery that I really want to share with you guys! You’re probably thinking, 10 weeks!? But yes, since Wesley was born via emergency c-section, we have decided to go ahead and schedule this babe’s due date, and that typically happens at 39 weeks so that you don’t go into labor. She is scheduled to come at the very end of March, eeek!

Here’s what I’m currently working on:

  • crib sheets (selling some in my Etsy shop too!)
  • diy mobile
  • name sign for wall (although we are not going to give away her name until she comes!)

First things first, here’s how 29 weeks is looking:::

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
♥Baby is the size of a pineapple (YUM!).
♥Heartburn is raging after literally E V E R Y meal.
♥Sleeping isn’t too bad, but switching from one side to the other hurts my hips.
♥Nesting is in full force.
♥I REALLY miss turkey sandwiches!!
♥My jeans finally won’t button anymore, so leggings every day it is!
♥What’s getting me through? Wes, Binge watching Project Runway and the new Adele CD.
♥I just can’t believe we are so close!!

Next, you may have seen on my Instagram and Facebook that I sewed my own crib sheet for baby girl’s room. I just couldn’t find anything I liked online or in the stores so I decided to pick my own fabric and go from there. Here is one of the finals for her room.

At this time I’m sewing some more to sell on my Etsy, but I just want to keep them all for myself!!! I will keep you guys posted on when those hit the shop!

Other then that, I am just enjoying a relaxing weekend to myself while Wesley is at his Grandma’s house…and I’ve got a lot of crafting to do today!



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