stitch fix #11

I got my 11th stitch fix just in time for Mother’s Day.
Here are the 5 items I got…
I really liked all 5 items, but  I didn’t L O V E them all, so I only kept one thing. The cardigan was super pretty, but a little too close to the color of my skin – you know, pale vampire. The dress was a fabric that wrinkles all too easy and let’s be honest, no-freakin-body has time for that! It also wasn’t very nursing friendly. The blue shirt just wasn’t really my style, and I didn’t like the fit that much. The jeans were amazing. Even my sister wanted them. The problem was that I like my jeans super tight, like I’m talking really really tight, and these were baggy in the knees, so it was weird. I guess I need to work out my knees? The bottom shirt was obviously right up my alley with the stripes and floral. I liked that one because I could still wear my black nursing tank underneath and easily pull it up to feed Astrid. I kept that and am looking forward to wearing it! I always like to keep at least one thing so that my styling credit doesn’t go unused. I already scheduled my next fix for right before I go back to work so that I can treat myself to something new.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with Stitch Fix. If you haven’t tried it yet you seriously have to. It’s so fun to get 5 pieces right to your door that have been hand picked for you. You can use my referral code here:

You have to let me know if you do it and what you got/what you liked!



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