Moms, I see you girl.

Hey Moms. I know it’s not Mother’s Day quite yet, but I wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day today because well, we seriously rock. I think sometimes we forget that we are all in this together and I just wanted to let you know that I see you, and I think you’re awesome, and keep doing what you’re doing! You’ve totally got this!

I see you new Mom. You’re doing so great! I know the baby cries a lot and your boobs might hurt and you haven’t taken a shower in three days, but this is the really good stuff right here. I know your emotions are out of whack and you probably got mad at your husband for something stupid, but he’ll forgive you, I promise. You created a human and they are soooo cute and squishy. Enjoy this moment. By the way, you look beautiful. I know you needed to hear that.

I see you Mom with the toddler in the grocery store trying to grab all the things off the shelves. I’ll pretend I never saw you give her all those grapes and that apple to keep her occupied that you’ll forget to pay for by the time you make it to the check out lane. They would have probably thrown those away eventually, right? Go ahead, buy the wine, you deserve it. Oh, and my kid screams too, please don’t be embarrassed. My kid also puts her mouth on the cart handle that I never remember to wipe off…so there’s that to make you feel a little better too.

I see you Sporting Event Mom. Up early on the weekends, home late on the weeknights. You are your baby’s biggest fan! They will never forget how much you supported and loved them while they did their favorite thing. Even if that means you barely had time to cook a homemade dinner and almost always did homework in the car.  You also wiped their tears when they got hurt, and screamed so loud from the sidelines you could see their eyes rolling of embarrassment. You are creating so many memories that they will never forget, and you are a freaking hero for that!

I see you Mom of a Teenager. Waiting up until your baby gets home. They are growing up too fast, remember when they were just little and you rocked them to sleep every night? I know sometimes you don’t recognize them and they surprise you with some of their choices, but they are still your baby. I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but they will come back to you. They always do.

I see you Mom of adults. Trying to guide them without stepping on their toes. Watching them grow up and have babies of their own. We see you. We appreciate you more than you know. We hope to be like you someday, if only we are so lucky.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s and Mom’s to be, and Mom’s that are still waiting for their turn. I think you are amazing and I freaking see you!




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