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wear your wedding dresses people

This week I lost a dear friend due to complications during childbirth. She was way too young and it’s not fair. Her passing brought so many emotions and feelings up that I just couldn’t shake. At her funeral they showed so many beautiful photos of her on her wedding day in her dress, with her groom, smiling from ear to ear and I thought – why are we not wearing our wedding dresses more? That is one of the happiest days of our lives, so why am I not putting this dress on and prancing around all day long just because I can? I mean I know my parents spent a pretty penny on my dress, but I never got it preserved and I see it hanging in my closet every morning when I get dressed for work. My 6th wedding anniversary is in two days so I am putting this dress on and rocking the hell out of it. Sure, it’s a little wrinkled, and also dirty because I never got it cleaned, but it still fits! Even if it didn’t I would safety pin the crap out of it and rock it. I’m going to promise to make more memories and do the things that remind me of those best and happiest days because you just don’t know how much time you have to do those things. Put on those dresses ladies, I want to see how beautiful and happy you looked on that special day!

Also, my seven year old took these photos so if anyone needs a second shooter for a wedding he’s available. But he wants to be an automotive engineer when he grows up so don’t offer him a full time job, he will decline it.



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