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husband’s old shirt diy

Geoff and I went to the Third Eye Blind concert last Friday with our friends Amy and Drew and it was awesome! They played their first album from front to back and I sang my little heart out. Anyways, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear because I knew I didn’t want to buy anything, but was feeling the typical lust for something new. I spotted one of my husband’s old band t-shirts with a hole in the neck (one of the reasons he didn’t really wear it anymore) – bingo! The shirts with the cut out at the neck are so popular right now so I thought “I can totally do that to this shirt!” I took my awesome fabric scissors, measured from the top seam at the neck on both sides down to the place I wanted the V to stop. I made a little mark to help guide me and then started cutting! Now I have a brand new (to me) grungy band t-shirt, boom. Also, don’t ask me what songs Chiodos sings because I literally have no idea…



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