stitch fix #15

I LOVE Stitch Fix. I have been getting their boxes for years and I’m obsessed. For this box I decided to post each item on my Instagram and let my followers vote about whether I should keep an item or not. I’m going to show you their responses and then ultimately what I chose to keep.

Here are the 5 pieces I received:

1. Papermoon – Paula Crossback Detail Blouse $46

2. Dreamers/Debut – Barton’s Cable Trim Cocoon Cardigan $58

3. Sneak Peek – Carrie Girlfriend Jean $68

4. Harper Lane – Goodwin Cowl Neck Sweater $64

5. Octavia – Brooks Crossbody Bag $58

The booties I am wearing are from Old Navy, there is a link to them in my previous post. They are so cute and comfy!

Here are the results from the Instagram poll:

Most of you were pretty generous about me keeping things, as in- all percentages leaned towards BUY ALL DA THINGS. But unfortunately I didn’t. I really liked the black cowl neck sweater but just bought a sweatshirt that looks almost the same and didn’t feel like it was necessary to purchase something so similar. The floral top was tight across my chest and I didn’t want to constantly feel uncomfortable while wearing it and the oatmeal colored cardigan was cozy but not something I couldn’t live without.

So, my final choices were….

-The Carrie Girlfriend Jeans AND The Brooks Crossbody Bag-

I loved the way the jeans looked after rolling the cuff one more time and throwing some shoes on and I am just a sucker for a new purse and couldn’t say no to that yellow color!

When you’re ready to try Stitch Fix for yourself, or want to learn more about it, please use my referral code below:




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