shirt: target/ jeans: stitch fix (top ones)+ target (bottom ones in pic with lipstick and shirt)/ shoes: converse / lipstick: maybelline / sunglasses: target

The weekend before last my sisters and I took our first annual sister’s trip to Nashville (Where should we go next year?!). I am turning 30 this year so I made a “30 before 30” list and going to Nashville was one of the items. My sisters saw my list and said “LET’S GO!”. I had been anticipating this trip for months since we planned it and it was so much fun! We stayed at a sweet little air bnb in East Nashville and got a ton of recommendations from people on where to go. It was almost overwhelming trying to find all the places people recommended. We decided to just do our own thing and if we happened to hit the places people recommended then great! I’m sure we missed a ton of cool places but we don’t care, we had tons of fun! The weather, the dancing, the music, the drinks, the food, the everything was perfect. Can’t wait to go back some day! Now if only we could get some nice weather in the Mitten I would be content…




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